Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Goes NUCLEAR, And The Media Is In Big Trouble

February 01, 2019

The media has largely moved on from their despicable smearing of the students of Covington Catholic with a plethora of fake news stories that put the teens, their families and their school in peril after they were falsely accused of hurling racist slurs at an elderly Native American man.

Following the incident which took place in Washington D.C. during the March For Life, 16-year-old Nick Sandmann was vilified and slimed by the media as the face of hate simply because he stood his ground when confronted by Nathan Phillips and because he was wearing a red MAGA hat.

The false narrative quickly began to deteriorate once a more extensive video showed that the teens were being heckled by black supremacists who showered them with racist and homophobic slurs and instigated the entire confrontation who like Phillips, were the true instigators