Herman Cain’s Powerful Attorney: L. Lin Wood

November 08, 2011

When Herman Cain held the long-awaited news conference late Tuesday afternoon to tackle allegations that he sexually harassed four women, a smooth-talking Southern attorney was the first person to step to the microphone.

Cain’s lawyer is L. Lin Wood, a well-known Atlanta-based trial attorney who has carved out a successful career representing the high-profile and falsely accused, often seeking eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press.

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather once called Wood the “attorney for the damned.”

When asked why he had chosen to represent Cain, Wood cited the media circus.

“I have spent many years representing clients who have seen their reputations and lives destroyed by false accusations in the media,” Wood wrote in an e-mail message to The Post Tuesday evening. “I believe that Herman Cain has been unfairly put on trial in the court of public opinion based on reports from unknown or anonymous sources, rumor, speculation and inherently improbable statements by the most recent accuser.”

With Wood’s hiring, Cain has a powerful ally on his side. A partner with Wood Hernacki & Evans LLC, Wood has a three-decade-long career prosecuting, and defending, celebrity clients, sometimes winning mega-settlements on their behalf. He is a fierce advocate….

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