Federal Judge: ‘No Evidence’ That Ramseys Killed JonBenét

April 07, 2003

Through the prism of a defamation suit, a federal judge in Atlanta has examined the 1996 murder case of 6-year-old Colorado beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey and determined there is “virtually no evidence” to support theories that her parents killed her.

U.S. District Judge Julie E. Carnes, a former federal prosecutor, ruled that there is “abundant evidence” to support assertions by JonBenét’s parents, John B. and Patricia P. “Patsy” Ramsey, “that an intruder entered their home at some point during the night of Dec. 25, 1996, and killed their daughter.” The Ramseys buried their daughter in Marietta, Ga., and now live in the Atlanta area.

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