Column: L. Lin Wood, libel attorney for Nicholas Sandmann and Richard Jewell, gives out a warning to the media

January 17, 2020

The other day, as my friend and Tribune colleague Kristen McQueary and I were filling in as hosts on the national broadcast of The Dan Proft Show, we took a call.

The caller’s name is L. Lin Wood. He’s a famous libel lawyer from Atlanta who’s been called “The Lawyer for the Damned.”.

Wood had read my weekend column about two innocent Americans wrongly shamed by the media mob —Nicholas Sandmann and the late Richard Jewell — and wanted to talk.

Wood represented Jewell. And now he’s one of the lawyers for Sandmann.

“What the media did to Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandmann did not destroy them,” Wood said. “But it damaged them badly.”

If you’re a parent, can you imagine your child given such unfair media treatment visited upon Sandmann, a teenager, just last January?

It’s unimaginable, and in this cancel culture we live in, it’s something parents fear.

Sandmann was the Kentucky high school student in the MAGA cap favored by supporters of President Donald Trump. The high schooler was vilified, wrongly, as a smirking racist. The howls from the media were relentless.