Atlanta Lawyer Known for Tabloid Settlements Files Libel Suit on Behalf of Dr. Phil

July 12, 2016

Television psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Phil McGraw may be a bona fide celebrity, but his public figure status does not give tabloids carte blanche to smear him in print in order to sell newspapers, McGraw says in a $250 million lawsuit against the publisher of The National Enquirer and The Star.

Atlanta libel attorney Lin Wood—who filed the defamation suit last week on behalf of McGraw and his wife, Robin, in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in Florida—says the Enquirer, the Star and other publications of Florida-based American Media Inc. knowingly printed “outrageous lies” about the McGraws, their marriage and their character, and that constitutional press freedom privileges offer “no safe harbor for publishing statements known to be false or manufactured by paid sources.”